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Media & Public Relations and Crisis Communications

It goes without saying that public relations in 2019 is far more complicated than ever.  It now involves orchestration, big ideas, communication skills, and true strategic thinking. Moving at the speed of light is the new normal. But the new sweeping scope and restless pace do not mean that all the old tools are useless. Far from it. They just need to be adapted to new audiences, new media,  and a new universe.  Granted, it seems like forever ago that the traditional media had a virtual monopoly. It owned news gathering, it owned the stories and it owned news-hungry audiences, which was pretty much everybody. News brands and their journalists owned credibility and trust. That meant that the PR industry had little choice but to rely on traditional news media—hence the rise of media relations.  At IAG, we are media relations experts, crisis and litigation support specialists, marketing and literary consultants and award-winning and documentary and content producers.  In the midst of the digital revolution, we are here to take your media and communications needs to the next level and beyond.  IAG is the crossroads where traditional media and next-generation media intersect.

IAG media specializes in pitching and placing stories, researching the outlets that cover and that you want covering your organization.  We ascertain the kinds of stories they like to run.  After proper research, IAG will then filter appropriate stories for specific outlets.  We understand journalists’ needs, know what they write about and know to respect their deadlines; but never waste their time.  We write individual pitches to target specific bloggers or reporters and communicate with clients on a regular and frequent basis.