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Homeland Security & Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks are threatening our nation’s critical infrastructure.  Governments at all levels are feeling the pressure to protect disparate legacy systems with limited budgets and resources.  This threat isn’t isolated to the government.  The private sector and NGOs are under just as serious a threat.  Data breaches continue to make headlines around the world. Seemingly, no matter what defensive measures security professionals put in place, attackers are able to circumvent them. No organization is too large or too small to fall victim to a data breach. No industry vertical is immune to attack. Regardless of the type or amount of your organization’s data, there is someone out there who is trying to steal it. Having a sound understanding of the threats you and your peer organizations face, how they have evolved over time, and which tactics are most likely to be utilized can prepare you to manage these risks more effectively and efficiently.

Cyber threats now originate from a wide variety (and ever-multiplying) range of entities—from state-sponsored groups and terrorists to criminal elements and emerging hacktivist movements. As these groups exercise increasing sophistication in their use of advanced technology, federal, state and local governments are pressured to keep “ahead of the game” in protecting a wide array of disparate legacy systems with more limited resources. Today’s solutions must reflect a multi-layered approach, including both physical and cybersecurity components to protect against threats.