Grassroots, Grasstops and Third Party Advocacy - IAG

Grassroots, Grasstops and Third Party Advocacy

IAG offers unique grassroots, grasstops and stakeholder/supplier advocacy capabilities that are critical for addressing major public policy issues.   Our outreach and activation programs are individually tailored to address the specific needs of each client and integrate seamlessly with overall corporate and government affairs goals.

IAG saturates the ground with your message – delivering it to elected officials via their friends, colleagues and the opinion leaders who matter most.  Our third-party-advocacy campaigns organize, mobilize, and engage the public which is highly effective because it delivers fact-based and substantive information to public officials from trusted sources.

We engage the best and most qualified bipartisan teams across the nation for each project.  Our teams are fleet-footed and results oriented.

Our projects are scalable and designed to ensure real-time calibration of strategy, allowing our field team to change direction rapidly and respond to urgent developments.  We have a proven track record of delivering successful, campaigns that provide a total fusion of local, state and national strategies.