The G in IAG is Gravitas

From the White House to the State House to the Court House, members of the IAG team have served in numerous capacities across all levels of government and media.

The IAG team has held senior positions in national political campaigns, Fortune 50 companies, national associations, and at the highest levels inside the media.

Our experience is extensive and our national network of stakeholders, policymakers, policy and strategic media experts is unparalleled.

There are few places we haven’t been - fewer issues we haven’t managed and no challenges we haven’t faced


We’ve been there - done that.

We look forward to sharing our gravitas with you.

Our Practice Areas

Homeland Security and Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks are threatening our nation’s critical infrastructure. Governments at all levels are feeling the pressure to protect disparate legacy systems with limited budgets and resources. This threat isn’t isolated to the government. The private sector and NGOs are under just as serious a threat. Data breaches continue to make headlines around the world.

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Media, Public Relations and Crisis Communications

It goes without saying that public relations in 2019 is far more complicated than ever. It now involves orchestration, big ideas, communication skills, and true strategic thinking. Moving at the speed of light is the new normal. But the new sweeping scope and restless pace do not mean that all the old tools are useless. Far from it. They just need to be adapted to new audiences, new media, and a new universe.

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Domestic Policy and Healthcare

Healthcare today involves a complicated network of state and federal policy, ranging from Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement policies to product approvals and sales. The U.S. health care system has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years. The Affordable Care Act has ushered in new health coverage options, insurance market regulations, and consumer protections while at the same time promoting innovation in care delivery in both the public and private sectors.

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Economic Development, Business Retention and Relocation Services

There is perhaps no higher priority to a state or local government than economic development and business attraction. As competition among communities for increasingly footloose businesses heats up, business retention programs have become the most popular economic development efforts of communities nation-wide.

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International Relations

Our richly connected, complex world demands professionals skilled in international relations. IAG provides experts with a globally oriented perspective on issues that transcend national boundaries. For companies to seize the opportunities presented by globalization, it is crucial to develop and execute strategies tailored to individual countries and markets. Our mission is to provide our clients with value-added analytics, judgments, and best practices for conceiving and implementing such strategies.

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Grassroots, Grasstops and Third Party Advocacy

IAG offers unique grassroots, grasstops and stakeholder/supplier advocacy capabilities that are critical for addressing major public policy issues. Our outreach and activation programs are individually tailored to address the specific needs of each client and integrate seamlessly with overall corporate and government affairs goals.

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